Poduje & cía. a specialised law firm that has been serving its clients for more than 35 years, offering a close, direct service tailored to meeting our clients’ specific needs in any given context. We pride ourselves on developing strategic consulting relationships with individuals, companies and economic entities that manage complex, active and dynamic business interests ranging from the local to the transnational. With our excellent and highly personalised consultation service we have over many years responded to the needs of our clients, giving them optimum supportand generating an extremely high degree of satisfaction.

Poduje&Cía is made up of professionals whose extensive experience allows them to resolve quickly and efficiently the problems facing our clients, enabling the clients to increase the value of the activities and services they offer.

Our lawyers do not work with a large number of clients, as at Poduje&Cía we prefer instead to advise and offer consultancy to a select number of clients and companies. We focus exclusively on the areas in which we can make a real and profound contribution. At Poduje&Cía we aim to always act quickly and correctly, within the time constraints that modern, globalised business imposes, always dedicating ourselves fully to protecting the interests of our clients.